Hot Currywurst (Upd. 4 June 2010)

19 May 2010

‘Feuer Frei’ in Münster-Gievenbeck serves the beloved ‘Currywurst’, burgers and other grilled goods on a heat-scale from one to seven:

1 – Normal (not hot)
2 – Rookie
3 – Hot
4 – Fire in ze hole!
5 – Diabolo
6 – Inferno
7 – Apocalypse

(Liberal translations)

Upon ordering a Currywurst “5”, I was told it might be too much for a start with a nod towards the shelf where the bottles of ultra hot sauces reside, bearing names like “Vicious Viper”, “Black Mamba”, “Pain 100%” and “Da Bomb”.

So, being a careful person, I opted for a Currywurst “4” with fries. It wasn’t that hot but the sauce had a nice garlic flavor and a thick and smooth consistency; and the sausage was quite good. Also, the Wurst did not drown in the sauce, but finishing the meal you are left with just enough sauce to eat with the remaining fries. I will report back when I had the “Diabolo”. Recommended.

Feuer frei!
Inh. Dirk Topheide
Rüschhausweg 18
48161 Münster
Phone +49 251 9173900

Update 4 Junie 2010. I climbed that step to “5” now – “Diabolo”. And hot that Currywurst was! Probably the hottest I am happy to take at the moment. Oh boy.


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