Another strange fruit…

21 May 2010

…apart from my head with new haircut. When I saw this beauty in the supermarket I found my favorite scientific theory verified: Nature is not normal. The fruit with its rubbery lobes and candy-pink color looks rather tormented to me, radiating a phallic charme in an alien way. Its flesh looks like poppy-seed cheesecake.

The pitaya’s flavor (pitahaya, dragon fruit) reminds me of Kiwi, but has a strong aroma of nothing. In a fruit salad it would probably be nice with a dozen splashes of a good spirit, I take it.


2 Responses to “Another strange fruit…”

  1. lamiacucina Says:

    wie gut damit verglichen ein Apfel schmeckt !

    • theinversecook Says:

      Wirklich, ein Apfel hat fast verschwenderisches Bouquet und nich-tendenden Geschmacksabgang im Vergleich zu dieser Drachenfrucht – die Paris Hilton der Früchte.

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